Thursday, March 13, 2008

It is changing again?






More Ice.

Just downright cold.

75 degrees.

How can one city experience all of these climate changes in one month?   With all the weather changes people wonder why I get cranky?  Ok, the fact is I just love the later on the list.   The rest, well, not so much.   But when you live in Missouri (which really is great state) it constantly changes.   Thus, we Missourians probably have the biggest mood swings of anyone. Just look who we have endorsed as our Presidential candidate(s) on both sides of the tickets.   When we did our primary it was cold so our votes were cold; today if the vote was taken our chosen candidates would be different.  Why, because it was sunny and we were happier today.  Besides, we constantly change our minds, I believe, because of how the weather affects us.   

So while I ramble with these strange and odd thoughts, just hope it doesn't snow tomorrow or there is no telling what I will write.