Thursday, August 02, 2007

I Never Return Phone Calls

Each day I receive over 100 emails, 30 to 50 phone calls, and numerous people in and out of the office each and every day. No big deal really, a typical day for a real estate investment specialist and property manager.

Today, was no different. Unfortunately, since it is impossible for me to talk everyone at one time, the caller has to leave a message in my voice mail. I hate that, but it is the best option I have. What is so funny are the people who leave messages like, "I have called 4 times and you have not called me back; what kind of business are you running?" "Do you ever return calls?" My favorite, "Hey Paul, are you still alive, I have called 4 times in the last hour and you still have not called me back." In all of these cases, the caller forgot one important fact; they never left their phone number! I had no way to contact them.

I am so amazed at the number of people that take the time to leave a message and yet not leave a return phone number. What does one do? I think I just need to change my voicemail message to, "Hi this is Paul, please leave your name and number, or you are an idiot."

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