Friday, August 03, 2007

I can't believe I went to a Midnight Movie

I love to go to the movies but I never do. It is just one of those things that I just never seem to have time to do. Believe it or not, I see the larger silver screen about once per year usually on a holiday or something like that. But tonight it was Bourne Ultimatum night.

This is one of those guy kind of movies. Lots of action, car chases and crashes, special effects, and one tough dude. One cannot miss that! So, I made a pot of coffee, drank it to stay awake and off I went. It is now 2:30 a.m. and I am pumped (probably mostly pumped full of caffeine) so I can't sleep.

I loved it. Not much on dialogue, my wife would probably hate it, but I want to see it again and I never do that. If you have not seen the previous 2 movies, I recommend that you do before seeing this one or it won't make quite as much sense. Then again, anyone going to a midnight movie and then getting up at 5:45 am for work the next day doesn't have much sense anyway.

Hope you enjoy it!

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