Sunday, August 12, 2007

I hate "busy"

What does “busy” mean anyway? Constantly I hear, “I would have done that or been there but I was busy.” Busy? Seems like it is the new buzzword that everyone is using when in actuality they just forgot or it was not high on their priority list. Why is it that by saying "I was busy" that all of the sudden everyone else is suppose to understand that and say, “Oh, I am so sorry I didn’t realize that you were busy.”

I went to have my truck serviced and it was supposed to be done in a few hours. When I called 6 hours later, I was told, “well it is not done yet because we got busy.” What does that mean! Does it meant that everyone else was more important that me? Or is it easier to say that phrase than the real truth; they screwed up and overbooked their appointments.

Webster defines busy as "engaged in action" or "full of distracting detail." Dizmang defines it as "I have more important things in front of you."

We are all busy doing something and to put one’s importance over another and then trying to cover it up is not appropriate. Why can’t we just tell it how it really is. I think most people would understand better and be just fine with the truth.

So you will never hear me say, I couldn’t do that or do this because I was busy. You might however hear me say, I would have done it quicker but had to stay in the bathroom longer than expected due to the Mexican Buffett.

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