Thursday, September 13, 2007

Change is hard.

Everyday things change. The weather, the tire pressure in my truck that for some reason keeps going down, my grass which is finally starting to come back, and of course our business. It is amazing to me how the real estate business has changed in the last several years; months for that matter.

I was teaching a class this morning to real estate agents about how to use our MLS computer system. Questions were being asked just like normal, until one woman wanted to know more about how to "sell" real estate. It was interesting because of the fact that when you get right down to it, we sell homes just the way we always have thru personal relationships. With all of the internet technology and Web 2.0 which gives us ways to make ourselves more exposed, it is still a relationship business. I love the internet and the new emerging technology that is out there which constantly changes. It is difficult if not impossible to keep up with it all, but it sure is fun trying.

But when it comes to the actual selling of real estate do we need all of this technology? Absolutely. We need it because our clients demand it and quite frankly, they deserve it. The old way of just putting a sign up in a yard, running a newspaper ad (which never really worked anyway), and putting it in the multi-list system is just not enough.

Many agents out there struggle because they don't embrace the "changed" way of doing business. A super duper great friend of mine said, "it is all in video," and she is right. Video is the way to go because it makes it personal for buyers to see what they are buying and see everything they are buying, not just a few still photos taken at strategic angles.

Change. A hard thing for all of us, well, maybe not so hard. Or at least it doesn't have to be. We as agents just need to embrace change and look at it as a great opportunity rather than a curve ball.

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