Friday, November 10, 2006

Sometimes, Pain is good

Free Hearts -

I never liked pain very much. Somehow, it just doesn't feel that great. There is the physical type like an illness, a broken heart (I hate that one), and the pain that comes with growth.

As our business has grown, we have had to adapt to all kind of different things I never even thought of. For years I have been going to hunderds of seminars and conventions, and yet none really have taught us how to manage the increased busineess they teach us to obtain. Keeping it all together and still providing the same great service can be a challenge. So how do we get knocked down, and still pull it all together?

Delegation is the key. Assistants are critical to growth as they can assist the agent do many of the daily tasks that one cannont do in a single day. But even with assistants, growth comes with pain. Just as in a relationship, pain is never fun, but we learn. Learn to adapt, change, and grow some more. We have to be willing to allow them to succed on their own, let them fly if you will. We have to train our staff to see the vision, see the future, and grab it. Although I hate the pain and heartache, I wouldn't have it any other way.

For example, in our market a small local bank started a few years ago with one location, gave great service that everyone loved,so the word spread. A few years later, the same great service that built the bank to multiple locations turned into just another large bank with automated lines, less overall service and higher fees. Growth can be great, but sometimes with a cost. This is why we as agents are committed to provide PADM serice in every transaction. Promise a lot, deliver more.

As we grow, never forget who is really in charge, and quite frankly, who should be.

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