Thursday, January 18, 2007

I'm tired of Ice!

I love those hot summer days when I am sitting outside enjoying the warm air, the smell of the steak sizzling on the grill and that cold drink with lots of ice in my right hand; lots of ice please! But too much of a good thing can be a catastrophe.

As you have probably seen by now in our video podcast, we are in an ice storm. Everywhere you look there is ice. It is actually pretty to see it as the shrubs and trees take new shapes and the ice shimmers with many colors kind of like a prism. But that is only if you look closely, because if you look at what it has done to our area, it is devastating. It looks like a bomb has gone off right in the heart of the city.

When the storm hit, ice blanketed everything. It was interesting to watch at first, then as it started to accumulate the damage started to begin. The ice stuck to every kind of plant, shrub, and tree; oh the trees! Those beautiful wonderful trees just could not handle all of the weight and branches began to drop, one, two, then thousands upon thousands came crashing down. The sky continued to have blue flashes everywhere as the power transformers began to explode. All of the sudden, it was dark.

Thousands of people, around 70,000 in Springfield alone were without power. No power, no heat. It will back come on I know it will, it always does! But this time, 8 days later and still thousands upon thousands are still sitting in the dark, cold, wary, and very irritable.

We are coming, I keep telling everyone; and we are as fast as my body will allow. I will not give up, I will not quit, and I will continue to take care of my owners and tenants alike. However, the tenant with the bedroom door that won't close just right is going to have to wait. Somehow I just don't think it is that big of a priority.


Mark Robinson said...

Paul -

Seeing howit's been a while since your blog about the ice storm, I'm going to assume everyone faired well. I'm currently living in AZ, but believe me, I know ice. Being from MD, I saw more than my fair share. Hopefully, everyone in Springfield is back to normal?

Mark Robinson

Anonymous said...

My backyard looked like a post-Apocalyptic, dystopian landscape the morning after the ice storm initially hit, and while I was still taking in the damage, Paul pulled up to take pictures and set the ball in motion to help his tenants. In March, after FEMA set its March 28th deadline to have all of the debris hauled off, he had Nathan and some other helpers out to help myself and some of his other tenants pick up limbs and sticks. Unfortunately, I cannot afford to retain the home I currently rent from Dizmang after my lease is up, and this is too bad, because I don't believe any other landlord will take care of me as well as Paul has.